Double Plus Un Good

A NewSpeak term from GeorgeOrwell's NineteenEightyFour. In NewSpeak, there is no word for bad or evil, there is only ungood. Modifiers are also ambiguous. One uses the modifier plus for emphasis, so plus ungood means especially ungood. The most emphatic modifier is double-plus, so double-plus ungood is the worst thing you can say about something.

I thought this page was a negative commentary on CeePlusPlus and other similarly-named languages.

See? It works!

And I thought it was going to discuss the downside of the CeeLanguage's increment operator (++)

It really works.

Obviously BigBrother likes to use prefix operators. I prefer UnGoodDoublePlus?, or just UnGoodPlusPlus?. . .

Yes, but BigBrother is right so you had better use prefix operators if you know what's good for you.

The extra CopyConstructor of postfix++ is ungood. -- DamianYerrick?

I vote that this page be repurposed into a commentary on overuse of modifiers.


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