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Hello, all, I had a page for the VisualWorks SWiki Of course, I'm looking forward to the day when SELF is on as many platforms that Smalltalk is. :-) ('cause prototyping objects sounds like a whole bunch of fun as compared to creating classes and then instantiating and initializing objects ... I just finished an enlightening paper about metaclasses that had me thinking: "Butbutbut, aren't traits a simple and elegant way to handle all this?" (my opinion))

I'm a CORBA systems designer at work (IONA's OrbixMT). I'm heavily into Design Patterns ISBN 0201633612 using them to build distributed systems. I use UML to model my designs, so I'm a good customer of since I'm on Rose everyday. Then I prototype my design in Smalltalk. Since, however, I'm working on the SGI currently, I implement my systems in C++ (*SIGH*). So, Bjarne's book ISBN 0201889544 is a constant friend at work during my implementation phase, as well as Rational's Purify. I use the RogueWave Tools.h++ library to get as close to Smalltalk as I can for the collection storage and iteration work.

I'm INFJ/INTJ (I really should retake the MyersBriggs ... people think I'm very dynamic and outgoing), which makes me a shy KentBeck (I wear a bracelet with the inscription WWKD -- WhatWouldKentDo). I've absorbed as much SmalltalkBestPracticePatterns as possible; it's amazing how much quicker my C++ code compiles (!) and how much more flexible the system is. (Yes, the ExtremeProgramming stuff works even for C++.) Lotsa small functions/lotsa small classes.

I've just completed a Genetic Algorithm implementation in Smalltalk for Windows NT and Linux. I prefer work that emphasizes OOAD and mathematics (e.g. I finished a gig at Raytheon working with Greg Weidman and JohnVenable for a distributed system. One of its components was an RF monitor. John designed it, and I implemented a simulated RF spectrum using a fractal algorithm -- good stuff).

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Hi there Douglas - are you still here? You last edited this page on 2000/11/25 and it looks interesting, so I was wondering if you might update it. Not least, lots of the links are broken 8-(
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