Eat Breakfast

Scientist types are saying that people who eat the bulk of their calories in the evening are more likely to be obese. The human body, they say, is better at processing calories in the morning and early afternoon.

Also, eating a morning meal has a demonstrated ability to improve performance, concentration, and personability during the first half of the day.


Eat breakfast before going to work!

Mom said it's the most important meal of the day :-)

Larger meals take more energy to digest, so lighter meals during the work day make sense. You could take the Mediterranean approach and have a big lunch, but then take a break for a couple hours, go back to work and have a late, light dinner.

The best approach is likely to graze... eat multiple small meals/snacks as required throughout the day. That way you don't need a major amount of energy to digest a big meal, and also you don't hit energy depletion & hunger. The idea is to eat before you get hungry... keep running at an even pace rather than hitting lows.

Personally, I like a continental breakfast of croissants, fruit, & coffee. Lunch is modest, and a heavier dinner when I can take it easy afterward. I'll often have a light snack late evening if required.

EatBreakfast is more about beginning the day under control, it establishes you as the master of the day, rather than the day running you. It is also the pump primer which supplies new energy to get started. The amount and number and type of calories are important, but personal control of your schedule and the important matters of your life is even more important. ...Take control --- EatBreakfast!!!

All the above are true, but many breakfast items are high in carbs. So, I skip breakfast and eat lunch at 11:30 am.

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