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The features of Eclipse I use the most:

If you want to do something that Eclipse does not do by default, you can find several plugins. For plugins, visit

Also check for some of the salient features in 2.1.

ClearCase plugin for eclipse/

-- GunjanDoshi

And if it can code-complete entire statements of JavaLanguage for you, then exactly what is the _language_ for?? --PhlIp

1) Languages aren't write-only. Longer statements can make the code easier to read. 2) Just because it can code-complete the most common statement doesn't mean those are the only statements you use. (Wasn't sure if you were serious or not) -- BrianCloutier

And it contains code-templates. With these code-templates, you can define often used code-snippets like for-loops or for-iterations. Just press Ctrl-Space. I like it.

-- AndreasSchweikardt

I am eternally grateful to Eclipse for researching the usability features which have since appeared in VisualStudio. -- PhlIp

I have been using Eclipse for 5 years, and it is my favorite IDE all this time. I've used it for various language (mainly Java). -- Mimi

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