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Moved from JavaEmacs, a page about Emacs support for JavaLanguage programming.

Rats! I was hoping that someone had rewritten EMACS using java instead of lisp. -- PhilGoodwin Have you looked at jEdit? It's a java-extensible editor. http://jedit.sourceforge.net/

J (http://armedbear-j.sourceforge.net/) is a (Emacs-like) text editor written entirely in Java and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

And I was hoping someone wrote a Java VM in Emacs Lisp. Mmm, a "source interpreter", that sounds like a step in the good direction... -- StephanHouben

PerBothner? is porting Emacs to KawaScheme

Yes, the project is called JEmacs, at http://jemacs.net/. Work is underway to implement an EmacsLisp interpreter, so that standard emacs modules can be used. -- EricMarsden
The EmacsWiki has a page devoted to alternative extension languages for Emacs (http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?CategoryExtensionLanguage).
I'm curious: what would the advantage be of using Java instead of C as the substrate to write emacs and the elisp interpreter? I can't see how this would be a win. Now, rewriting emacs in a compiled lisp environment, that would make sense... --AlainPicard

It's more about the advantage of using SchemeLanguage instead of EmacsLisp in the libraries. The EmacsLisp interpreter is there only so as not to lose existing libraries.

Those are dubious and questionable, and besides the point: what does EmacsLisp vs SchemeLanguage have to do with a Java emacs? Why wouldnt one simply rewrite a C emacs to embed scheme, if that was so desired?--ap

''That's what the Emacs-on-Guile project is trying to do. (http://gemacs.sourceforge.net/) For Emacs-on-CommonLisp, look at Hemlock. (http://www.cliki.net/Hemlock) Regarding the Why-Java-over-C?", question, I'd guess you can leverage the improved run-time support (GC, type identification) to get something out faster. That wouldn't hold for "Why-Java-over-CL", though.''

If Emacs were implemented in Java, would that supposedly allow one to run it anywhere that has a Java VM? That probably would be a win over the need to compile a C program or find a CommonLisp/Scheme/Guile implementation for every platform.

I doubt it. Emacs is already available on a large number of platforms, perhaps more than you can find a JVM for. See the official list at http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/#TOCPlatforms
RealProgrammers can write EMACS in any language :-)


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