Envy Developer

ENVY/Developer is a source code and configuration management system for SmalltalkLanguage and JavaLanguage, offered by IBM, and integrated into their VisualAge family of products. It is also supports whoever now owns the companies formerly known as ParcPlace and Digitalk.

Envy/Developer was originally created by Object Technology International, Inc., before they were acquired by IBM. See OTI's Web page (http://www.oti.com/) for details.

-- BobbyWoolf

IBM replaced VisualAge with the EclipseIde -- effectively killing Envy/Developer, in favor of file-based configuration managers such as CVS and SVN.

However third parties support Envy/Developer. Therefore JpMorgan? continues to use it through 2009 for its Kapital application (as discussed in IfSmalltalkIsSoGoodWhyDoesNobodyUseIt )

Apparently it was once in a suite called Envy/Manager.

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