Erich Kutschinski

Yup, that's me: 1.88m tall and chronically too light for my height since I was 14. I never seem to get around to eat enough. In a prehistoric age, I probably would long have been expelled from my horde for gobbling the chocolate stocks. Thank (...)* this is the year 2001 and I can earn my living, and my food, by working things out on paper and a keyboard!!

(* fill in what you spiritual orientation allows you here)

When I discovered WikiWikiWeb I immediately fell for it. I had a GoodLaugh? about myself finally understanding what community editing was all about when reading the HowToVote page. If you cannot remember what it says, check it out now: HowToVote. It might be gone tomorrow...

Out there, in the real world where the sun shines and one has to look for food every single day, I used to work as a graduate research student at the National Research Center for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam. By now I have moved back to Germany and work as a secondary school teacher for Mathematics, English and Computer Science. My past as a junior researcher and software developer gives that job quite a different twist.

And now, since some of you people might be reading this, I promise everyone who got to this point to help WikiWikiWeb grow and develop. Actually, what made me start writing was the solitary comment 'This page sucks' on LikeThis. Too tempting -- it is not difficult to improve on that, even for a beginner.

It is April 2006 now, time for an update: I work as teacher and solitary sysadmin at my new school (a career boost???). There is my group of 9th to 12th grade pupils gathering experience as deputy admins, and naturally they also get a primer in software engineering and the WikiWay from me. Here is a link to our own collaboration wiki:

I want a quick link to RecentChanges on my home page.

CategoryHomePage and that's it, because PleasePleaseDontCategorizeEveryPageOnWiki - and still need to find out how to do that efficiently.

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