Erik Naggum

Erik Naggum, 1965-2009.

PaulGraham's evil twin.

Former leading light of the SGML community. Lisp lover. Perl hater. Coiner of countless aphorisms in defence of his (often eccentric, usually well considered, always strong) opinions. (He strayed from the light side of the force.)

His name is often seen spelled "Eric" with a C rather than a K.

He had a site at (no new content).

Like the great poet e. e. cummings, Erik seemed to have a thing against capital letters; either that or the Shift key on his computer was broken (though he did capitalize the first person singular pronoun). Makes his entertaining, uh, essays a bit hard to read.

And yet he railed against using period both to end sentences and for indicating abbreviations, unlike cummings.

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