Erik The Viking Syndrome


"Extreme Programming projects do not try to produce a detailed requirements document and then freeze it. Instead, the Onsite Customer is actively encouraged to steer the project by changing his mind about what exactly it is that the team is supposed to deliver." (

Agile programmers understand that business stakeholders will always have EmergentRequirements.

But have you noticed that your Burn Down Charts burn up for days, perhaps weeks before they peak and burn down?

Have you noticed that when one Emergent Requirement is identified within moments there's a run of issues and ideas?

You've got ErikTheVikingSyndrome.

	Suddenly Erik notices Sven's father climbing aboard.

ERIK What are YOU doing here?

SVEN'S DAD You may need a real Berserk.

SVEN I AM one, Dad!

ERIK We haven't got a spare place.

IVAR He can have my place. I don't want to go anyway.

ERIK Well, you ARE!

KEITEL Bjorn's not. He could have Bjorn's place.

ERIK What's the matter with Bjorn?

THORFINN Nothing... Halfdan the Black chopped his hand off last night.

ERIK HE was lucky... (to Sven's dad) Sit there.

SNORRI You can't have Sven's father sitting next to Sven. They'll argue the whole time.

ERIK That's true. (to Sven) YOU'D better sit there. (to Sven's dad) You there, and Ornulf there.

SNORRI Now you've got all the big ones on one side.

	Erik looks around. It is true that  all  the tall burly ones are on one	side.

ERIK All right, you go there. You here...

	Sven's dad and Ornulf swap places.

SVEN'S DAD Ohh! I wanted to sit next to Leif.

ERIK Shut up. You there. You there and you there.

	Ivar and Ornulf swap places. Erik surveys this re-arrangement.

ERIK That's better.

SNORRI Now you've got all the ones with beards on one side and all the moustaches on the other.

	This is true. Erik thinks some moments and then:

ERIK It doesn't matter.

- DavidCasey

Nailed it! Right on the 'ead bruth'uh!

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