Essential Agile Characteristics

These are Essential characteristics in an Agile Software Development Process:

Getting there often causes changes from traditional situations:

-- MikeBeedle

All that, and World Peace, too! (In other words the description of benefits seems rather over the top. All new fads get described in such terms. Which makes me suspicious, immediately. Of course, I could be wrong...)

Can you give some examples of some of the fads you mention above that make similar or same claims? -- MikeBeedle

A LearningOrganization, for one. My point is partly it's _all_ good news, and I don't believe that, being old and cynical. Where's the downside, even if that is outweighed by the upside? What EssentialAgileCharacteristics are negatives?

Good point. I am probably far too deep into the forest to give you an objective list of negatives. (Just being honest.)

However, I do have one question. A LearningOrganization, as far as I know, has never been included as a requirement or feature of any development method. Do you know any development methods for which the above characteristics were listed/advertised/required?

The reason I ask, is primarily the root causes by which TQM, BPR, Knowledge Management, Learning Orgs, and such other _business fads_ failed were because of internal politics, technical limitations, the inertia and passivity of corporate cultures, and the sheer organization mass i.e. too many people to line-up in a single direction. But in some cases, Learning Orgs have been successful: 1) some GE factories report success, 2) Saturn automobile project was a success, 3) 3M claims it redefined its culture, and of course many of the Japanese companies claim they have operated in such way for at least 15-17 years.

On the other hand, doing software development, and specially in isolation (one team at a time), it is much harder to beat the politics, change at least the "local" culture, and minimize any technical constraints.

I would even offer that Agile Software Development is a LearningOrganization approach for _software development_.

-- MikeBeedle

Many of the above are framed as the emergent characteristics, rather than essential. For example, number 1 is essential, number 2 is emergent, and number 7 shows how some essential characteristic produces some emergent characteristics. Pick one or the other to emphasize and focus on that, or make a separate page for the emergent characteristics and put them there.

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