Eugene Wallingford



I am a member of the faculty at the University of Northern Iowa, where I teach a little bit of everything but especially OOP, programming languages, and artificial intelligence courses. I'm currently developing new courses that incorporate agile development methods.

My research involves finding patterns in software, especially in FunctionalProgramming and KnowledgeBasedSystems?.

I firsts became interested in the use of patterns to teach all sorts of material at the undergraduate level, especially programming in the first year, recursion, and AI programming. My patterns include: You can find more on my work at (

Much of his pattern energy in the last few years has been devoted to the ElementaryPatterns community, which explores low-level patterns in a variety of contexts. ( Recently, I've been focusing on patterns from FunctionalProgramming.

I was program chair at ChiliPLoP 1999 and PLoP 2000.

Eugene was also the chair of the OOPSLA Educator's Symposium in 2004 and 2005.

Finally, I have also worked with the folks leading the PedagogicalPatterns project, writing parts of a couple of papers on patterns of successful teaching and learning environments.

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