Excuses Excuses

I'm not getting anything done. I could try to tell you why, but it would just be a list of excuses.

People say "Excuses, Excuses" when all they hear is excuses. And for good reason!

Here's a lesson that I'm trying to teach myself: Never think about why you can't do something. You'll always be able to find reasons if you look for them. You'll drive yourself nuts trying to address them all and get around them. OrsonScottCard invented a character in one of the Ender novels who at one time had to do a lot of complicated gyrations just to get through a doorway. To avoid putting yourself in the same state, don't attempt to answer or rebut your own excuses. Ignore them. Think instead about how you can do something.

Next thing you know you'll be doing it.

-- EdwardKiser

This is usually true, but sometimes a hard problem can completely stump you. I sometimes find it helpful to list all the excuses and analyze each one in detail. The flawed excuse is the answer to the problem.

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