Extreme Not Agile

I've just been involved in an AgileDevelopment:

We stuck stories and tasks into a hacked on trac, which was also used for bug tracking. We used DabbleDb to check off tasks micromanaged by our non-technical CTO. We used heroics to supplement poor planning, spiked as a way of life, and grumbled into our beers almost constantly.

In short, we were CowboyCoders.

And I and everyone said that was just fine because, hey, we're doing AgileDevelopment, not ExtremeProgramming. Well, gee, sorry, but cowboys are agile desperadoes riding for a fall. That may look good compared, with, say, a PRINCE2 PMO nightmare with Gantt Charts up the wazoo. And maybe that's all it takes to be agile - to not do WaterFall.

But I sure wouldn't do AgileDevelopment again. I only want to do ExtremeNotAgile from now on.
For the other equally nonsensical Agile pole, try BigAgileUpFront.
CategoryExtremeProgramming ... not CategoryAgileMethodology ;-)

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