Extreme Programming Examined

Extreme Programming Examined by: GiancarloSucci? & MicheleMarchesi, Published May 25, 2001 by AddisonWesley

ISBN 0201710404 see: http://www.awlonline.com/product/0,2627,0201710404,00.html
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This book assumes you are already immersed & prepared to do an XP project; you can recite the names of the twelve ExtremeProgrammingCorePractices.

You now learn, thru a series of papers delivered at XpTwoThousand, many techniques learned from real XP and XpStyle? projects. Categories of papers cover the ins and outs of adapting corporate and commercial methodologies to XP, and adapting XP to non-standard topologies such as large projects or retrofits. And, of course, tips on TestInfection? for everything from GUIs to distributed networks.

The wide range of paper authors' backgrounds reveal how popular XP is growing every day.

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