Flexible And Extensible Hierarchy

We can share, on this page, some of our thoughts about how this paradigm can be extended, personalized, interconnected and interrelated with counterparts and with other paradigms extending the idea of linkages to include such innovations as ExtendedWords, PaperPorting, OneNote, WikiWithMoreThanPages, WikiWithMoreThanUsers, and other potentially useful schemes. User interaction might expose simple ways this might facilitate each of us in making this happen during this first year of the second decade of the twentieth first century.
God's Wiki

I like a more powerful filing system with some kind of user-defined categories and key-words. It's sort of a half-wiki-half-filing-system.

I'd also like relational-database-like (query) access to this filing system, including the categories and keywords.

Maybe if we put our heads together, we can come up with the "FlikiBase": a swiss-army-dumping-ground for documents, notes, and attributes. If we could somehow mush together DynamicRelational, wikis, and ideas from FileSystemAlternatives, maybe we can have it. Oh oh, ghost of Xanadu????

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Dynamic User Definition

I like the idea of DynamicUserDefinition where data handling, data structure, data instructions, and substance data are companions and are preserved as a single uniquely named artifact. The data would be processed, manipulated and queried using the self-contained, dynamic relationships defined within the artifact. They could be processed initially by an local program which would be used to process structure and data. Included in the data definitions would be data acting to drive the process and to entertain user queries, set up interfaces, and generate reports and to otherwise serve data.

Local And Global Queries

Queries could be processed to identify data within artifacts, or to identify wanted, related artifacts which may be located.

Mandatory And Optional Structures

To create a flexible dynamic system, certain structure within it must be fixed in order to be universally useful. References in the fixed structure can point to optional and extensible components, plug-ins, and additional artifacts.


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