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None of us is as smart as all of us -- towards an organization pattern language.

Want to participate? Contact MartineDevos

Looking over my shoulders -- participating in other (former) workshops or focus groups -- are NeilHarrison, JimCoplien and StephenBerczuk?

The workshop builds on work we did together in preparation of a book on Organisation Patterns and on the results of our workshop at Oopsla '99.

The series of focus groups on organisation and process patterns was initiated by MichaelBeedle mailto: two years ago.

Abstract: None of us is as smart as all of us -- GeraldWeinberg

Some software organizations serve their customers well, they deliver on time, deliver a profit to the stockholders and build a supporting workplace for the team. And some don't. Quality of the result of our efforts depends on the quality of communication between users, customers and developers, designers.

Patterns help us understand existing organizations. Patterns have everything to do with transferring knowledge. They are often associated with reuse. They provide transfer of concept, insights, and information.. Our software projects don't span generations.

So we need short cuts, getting teams together that are able of learning and sharing a common language in a short time. A good pattern language for organization should give us both the means of expression and the freedom to tailor the solution to the particular environment and context of application of the patterns.


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