Forbidden Planet

Lavish TechniColor? SciFi movie. Stars LeslieNielsen?, Anne Francis as Altaira, and RobbieTheRobot. Loosely based on WilliamShakespeare's TheTempest? (Robbie plays the Ariel role).

Really, I thought the girl in the short dresses played Ariel?! This would make Robbie a suitable Caliban: the monster in the play. (or is that the role of the ID? --MartinNoutch

The woman is in the role of Miranda (Prospero's daughter). The roles of Ariel and Caliban seem to be shared over the id monster and Robbie (Prospero shows off Ariel just as the doctor shows off Robbie, but it's Ariel who chases the crew invisibly, and Caliban who gets drunk with Stephano ( = the cook in FP)). The plot isn't quite the same.

As Altaira says in the film "I can see that was probably very clever, but I don't seem to understand it".
Thanks for this clarification! Quite a number of years ago now I played Trinculo in a Sixth Form version of The Tempest....and am still playing the fool years later. -- MartinNoutch
So ... is there a missing shot at the end of this flick or what? First we see MrId burning through the big door, and then suddenly Morbius is down dying in the dust. What happened?
My favorite line: I'll bet any quantum mechanic ... would give the rest of his life for a chance to fool around with this gadget -- TobyFarley
My question is, how did Roddenberry et al get away with ripping so much off from this film? smj
See also Return To The Forbidden Planet - Brilliant!!

RTTFP is a musical based on ForbiddenPlanet.

Billed as "Shakespeare's Long-lost Science Fiction Rock-n-Roll Musical", it has music of the 50s & 60s and much more WilliamShakespeare than the film :o). All the songs are takeoffs on rock classics, and all the dialogue is in IambicPentameter?. ("Sir, the Iambic Pentameter is registering off the chart!") Warning: Do Not Reverse Polarity!
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