Fpga Cpu

A cpu implemented in a FieldProgrammableGateArray (FPGA). An FPGA is a logic chip which can be programmed or reprogrammed with a Configuration Bit Stream. (See Xilinx, Altera, Actel, Lucent and Cypress for examples.)

An example of a hardware and software FPGA development kit is the Nallatech Xilinx Xtreme DSP kit (http://www.nallatech.com/solutions/products/kits/XtremeDSP-II/). The Vertex 2 FPGA and the excellent Nallatech hardware and software make this an effective learning and development kit.

A full website and and email list is available at http://www.fpgacpu.org.
There are also many MinimalInstructionSetComputer? designs targeted at FPGAs.

The following wiki may be a better location than C2 for discussing CPUs-in-FPGAs:

"Computer Architecture Lab" : a hands-on introduction into computer architecture. The main target is to build a simple, pipelined microprocessor and run it in an FPGA. http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Computer_Architecture_Lab

See AlternativeMicroprocessorDesign

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