Frank Gerhardt

I first came to this site in 1998. A friend told me about it and at first I "didn't get it". What!? EditPage? He kept telling me about it and I returned. I remember asking a colleague what the hell XP means... Xerox Parc maybe? Ok, finally I got it ;-)

I became a RecentChangesJunkie. To the WikiholicsAnonymous: there is a way back to normal life!

My recent work at DaimlerChrysler included the Java Strategy Project, STAR NETWORK project (Java-based retail applications sharing a common framework, now called JUNA), a security framework for user authorization (SNAP), and the customer portal for Mercedes-Benz. I was the architect of the portal. The public release is scheduled for some time in 2001, see .

During that time I have set up a Wiki, a CvWiki actually (thanks to PeterMerel!) inside the DaimlerChrysler intranet. The URL used to be

Another Wiki that I have set up is the JugsWiki of the Java User Group Stuttgart. In October 1998 KentBeck gave a talk at JUGS.

In 2000 I met several of the other original Extreme Programmers. I was working for 6 months in the same place (of ChryslerCorporation) where the ChryslerComprehensiveCompensation project was done. I met DonWells, ChetHendrickson, SueHendrickson and others. Although, KentBeck and RonJeffries were gone already: CthreeProjectTerminated.

I have written a WikiMode for GnuEmacs. EmacsRules ;-) AlexSchroeder has made some extensions to it. Look at his homepage for the most current version.

ChrisWege is a colleague of mine who also hangs around at WikiWikiWeb. Together we taught a course on ExtremeProgramming at the U of Tübingen. We've also been at the XP 2000 conference together.

News: I have quit my job DaimlerChrysler!

My future homepage will be

-- FrankGerhardt,

At my Yahoo profile page you can see if I'm currently online: .

Beeindruckendes Diplom!! --ManfredSchaefer
It was great meeting you at the ReverseEngineering conference in Stuttgart, and recently even on the ProgramTransformationWiki -- ArieVanDeursen.

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