Free Beer

Describe FreeBeer here. Most of what follows is cute, but meaningless, drollery. See FreeAsInBeer.

Certainly. Free Beer is beer that originally had been confined to a cask or stein or mug, but due to sloppy handling has escaped.

No, no - FreeBeer is a command, not a noun. It's telling you to go and liberate beer from its captors ...

The FreeSoftwareFoundation likes to emphasize that "free software" means "Free as in speech", not "free as in beer".

What, pray tell, is wrong with free beer? nothing!

See, Stallman and company are trying to run this pub. A few of the wealthier patrons pay the rent on the building. The beer is free, but, the customers are expected to periodically drop off a case of meticulously crafted righteous homebrew. There are usually some great varieties of homegrown hops and barley at the pub that customers can take home to put into their lovingly created sudsy wonders.


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