Friki Servlet

The original Friki versions (1.0 and 1.1) were very simple wiki-like systems produced using ideas from ExtremeProgrammingForOne based on a minimal set of user stories. The Java source and unit tests can still be downloaded, at The aim of the project was to do something very simple, which worked, and challenge some of the "traditional" assumptions about what a WikiClone should be like. In particular it did not use any regular expression parsing to identify links in the text, and does no formatting of the entered text other than turning Friki links to HTML links.

A new Friki (version 2.0) has now been released, and the demo version of the old Friki has been stood down. The new Friki implements the full Wiki markup, with the addition of the increasingly common "interwiki" references. It is available as a source code archive, or a choice of three binary downloads. Each binary download includes a "war" file which can simply be dropped into the webapps directory of any modern servlet container or Java application server, and some configuration instructions. Try a live demo at

Update. Friki is now at version 2.1.1. New features include: external configurations and translation specification, so you can (for example) tinker and modify the markup rules without even stopping the server or the application; proper i18n support in pages and WikiNames, even on MacOsx; pages and settings preserved across upgrades and server changes; out of the box source builds just need Java and Ant; and many more. And deployment is still as simple as dropping in a war file.

Friki development is now being hosted at Sourceforge (, which is now the recommended site for downloads. Documentation and other support materials are still primarily at, but will also be available from Sourceforge soon.

For people interested in the installation, configuration, use and enhancement of Friki, but who prefer a more linear mode of discussion, there is now also a mailing list. See -- BrokenLink 20070509

Friki is GPL licensed, although less-restrictive licenses are also available on request.

All comments very welcome, either here, on the Example Friki, on the friki-interest mailing list, or by direct email. -- FrankCarver


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