Full Blocks

The trouble with layers and layers of computer software is that sooner or later you lose touch with reality.

Reality. That's what's going on with the physical stuff that makes computers go. CarverMead points out that all computation is a physical process. Why not exploit the myriad effects of ChargeCarriers passing through material, instead of overcoming them?

But I digress. Right now I'm thinking about efficiently transferring information from block storage devices. What in the world is my ThinkPad doing as it sits there blinking my disk light while it boots? A few bytes here, a few bytes there, that's what it's doing. I'd love to put a StripChartRecorder on that light and find out what the real DutyCycle? is. Then again, it probably lights up while it seeks. I'd need to monitor the actual transfer.

Some people seem to understand this and get it right...

Since this page was created June 9 1995 and hasn't significantly changed since then (typos fixed 3 times, is all), I probably shouldn't bother to comment...

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