Full Time Exempt

A legal classification of employees in the UnitedStates (doubtless there are similar classifications elsewhere) who are exempt from being paid overtime. Includes most programmers, excluding contract programmers.

If you are FullTimeExempt, the following applies to you:

Different companies treat FullTimeExempt employees differently. Some view it as a license to require 80-hour workweeks and the like; others view it as a way to allow professionals to manage their own time.

In early 2004, Bush administration officials proposed a new set of rules that would apply the exempt/professional designation to another 8 million workers. In practice, FullTimeExempt is a classification being used to cut overtime. Classifying grocery clerks, assembly-line workers, janitors, etc. would no longer be illegal in many cases. That RadioShack manager might get exempt after all.

The term "exempt" here is derived from the rules declaring that the employer is exempted from overtime reporting for these employees. The overtime reporting requirement is enforced for all but those declared exempt by virtue of salary range, type of work, position, etc.

PHB: You're an "exempt" employee. That means you're exempt from having a life.

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