Galactic Modeling Language

The GML (GalacticModelingLanguage) is a modeling language with three elements: GML diagrams mean what they mean when they are scribbled. The preferred GML CaseTool is a hotel pen and a beer-stained cocktail napkin.

Proposed by Kent Beck, not entirely a joke. E.g. slashdot story Is UML Really Necessary? : 'A while ago I saw Kent Beck talk at the Java user's group meeting here in Seattle. Someone asked him about UML. He made a derisive noise and sneered that he had come up with a better version called GML, Galactic Modeling Language. He said (and I am paraphrasing here) that GML had three components "Boxes, Arrows and Arrows Pointing to Boxes". '

I prostrate myself in honor of someone who has finally cut through all the crap. -- PhlIp

Hear, hear.

See also AdvancedFactoring.

Real Life: (is stranger than fiction...) I was working for a vice president of a large corporation who was putting a lot of pressure on this division to reduce paperwork - by reducing the number of forms used. Eventually, I got sick of the whole game and said, "OK, from now on we will have ONLY ONE FORM in this entire organization: A Lined Pad of Paper. If you want anything, like inventory parts, a PO, a sales order, etc, just write all the necessary information on it and give it to the appropriate person. There; done; one form."

Most of the time, I use GML++ (Box, Label, Line and Arrow). I guess that makes me some kind of counter-revolutionary around here ;-). -- FalkBruegmann
Can be stored easily in a PersonalAnalogDevice

See also GalacticModelingLanguageMetaModel, InterGalacticModelingLanguage

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