Galeon Browser

A WebBrowser using the GeckoEngine. Contrary to the MozillaBrowser, it is better integrated into the GnomeDesktopEnvironment and tries to be just a browser (but doing that well).

Some of its features, not found in the MozillaBrowser: It is also faster (does less) than mozilla.

It is also no longer being developed. Embedding GeckoEngine in non-Mozilla browsers is no longer supported. A current alternative is MidoriBrowser

I love this browser.

The tab mode makes it easy to have 50 pages open by using only a couple of windows without a problem like getting lost or so.

The crash recovery combined with the speed also takes the horror out of the (with mozilla 0.9.1 getting quite few) crashes: If it does crash during an extensive web session, having five windows and twenty pages open, I just start it again. It is there within a second, asks whether it should restore the state before the crash and does just that. At least on my admittedly not too old machine this gives working even with very unstable versions a nice flow.

Since the source code does not contain the rendering engine (it embeds a gtkMozilla widget), and especially not a mail/news-client, messenger or scripting engine, it is much smaller than mozilla and much easier to hack. For myself, I added a reload which bypasses the proxy without a problem. -- MarkoSchulz

My favorite Galeon feature: how it remembers my desired font size for each domain visited. Consequently, I never have to fret over font sizes too large or too small. -- NaumTrifanoff


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