Gareth Sylvester Bradley

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(1998) Well, that's me. (I'd really rather be GarethSB but wiki's hyperlink regexp doesn't like that as others already pointed out in WikiWikiSuggestions.) It took at least an hour having first strayed from the web proper to Wiki to find (a) some real content, and (b) a vaguely appropriate place to add some of my own. :-)


A long long time ago, I used AdvSys to author adventure games or what might now be called InteractiveFiction.

I'm programmer with patterns (see PatternIndex) and an XpApprentice?. My software development homes are in C++ and Java but I have made excursions in SQL and perl, and stop-overs wherever necessary; recently (in 1998!) prolog, lisp and 8051. There were encounters with ML -- ML is fun -- and Modula-3 along the way.

At the moment (2002!) I work for Sony Broadcast & Professional Research Labs -- -- doing fun stuff with emerging metadata standards and technologies for the broadcast industry. CodeGeneration using XmlSchema is the current thing. Some of the time, DuncanMcGregor hangs around at Sony too.

Other places I've hung out

(2000) Well what directed me back here was finding OliBye's cool WikiWikiClone at

(2002) And now I'm playing with JSPWiki -- -- WikiAsIntranet.

(Is it obvious that leaving 'Describe...' was intentional? Is the effect now spoiled? I'll get my coat.)


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