Gary Feldman

Old time software engineer, with an emphasis on quality and process improvement. I've setup QualityAssurance teams at several start up companies, been on a SoftwareEngineeringProcessGroup? at a large former company, and I'm currently working on establishing my own consulting practice (being lucky enough to have a virtual 32 hour/week job that allows me to do this).

I am, by nature, a generalist, knowing a decent amount about ProgrammingLanguages, CategoryQuality, CategoryTesting, ProcessImprovement, FormalMethods, FormalLanguages, LanguageGrammar and parsers, CeeLanguage (gak, I hate wiki names, see WikiNameDisadvantages), CeePlusPlus, CategoryUnix, PythonLanguage, ShellScripts, SoftwareUsability, and more. I'm getting up to speed on CeeSharp. I'm equally comfortable in GnuEmacs and VisualStudio, Unix and Windows.

All this relates to having severe AttentionDeficitDisorder (professionally diagnosed, not just my speculating).


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