Gave Up On Wiki

Reasons one might give up on wiki

Don't give up on Wiki.

But do take a break if it is what you need.

I never gave in to Wiki.
Much of the problem tends to arise from having the EditPower?, but not the EditWisdom? to go with it. Wiki is still in the defining stages, in my opinion. I have an idea of WhatWikiShouldBe, perhaps in time, it may come about. -- WikiZen
I see different opinions as potentially a good thing, if they are properly presented and tamed. Exploring an idea from multiple perspectives should be encouraged. If an opinion is objectively wrong, then some kind of semi-formal proof should be offered. This can also be useful info. For example, take a typical ThreadMess and build a parallel page that attempts to factor, summarize, and categorize the various arguments and viewpoints broken down via StepwiseRefinement, or a similar decomposition technique.
Instead of GaveUpOnWiki, try GaveUpOnRecentChanges.
What about `WhatWikiCanBe'? (my PointOfView on this continues on that page)

Ward has mentioned in more than one place the perhaps the SmallestFederatedWiki would have been a good wiki to have begun with. If you want your own wiki and control over what is in your wiki, and don't want many of the things mentioned above, try it. -- DonaldNoyes.20141022

I think if the SmallestFederatedWiki had been the first wiki, the idea might not have caught on. I've tried the SmallestFederatedWiki and I don't get it, which surprises me because I usually pick up new software very quickly.

What are all those plusses and x's and pencils?

WardsWiki, which I first tried the year after it was invented, was immediately intuitive.


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