Gavin Lambert

A really insane person who occasionally pretends to be able to write software.
And he actually writes software, too. He lives in AucklandCity, NewZealand, and recently completed a degree at MasseyUniversityAlbany.

He's also a big fan of the BastardOperatorFromHell, written by SimonTravaglia.

He's just started learning ExtremeProgramming (though he's done bits of it before), and he's starting to like it :)

Without question, his favourite TV series is BabylonFive, followed by ReBoot :) His favourite movie at the moment is TheMatrix. And he really enjoyed ThePrincessBride.
MyersBriggs: INTP (67-11-44-44, at least according to one test)
His favourite Wiki pages (in no particular order) are: He's also getting dangerously addicted to Also just discovered, but hasn't decided if he's going to do anything about it yet :)
Here's a good quote he found on CreepingFeaturitis:

"Engineers are people who love to solve problems. They love solving problems so much, that, given
no problems at all, they will invent some to solve." -- MichaelFeathers (don't know if that's his quote or if he was merely the one who put in on the page...)

And here's something else he found lying around... he's not sure if he agrees with it (lacking sufficient information), but it sounded cool:

Java. The elegant simplicity of C++. The blazing speed of Smalltalk. Nothing that achieves this level of insult to three sets of language zealots in eleven words should ever be removed entirely from Wiki.

And another one :)

Programming is hard because its closest two traditional jobs would be mathematics and philosophy - except that unlike philosophers programmers need to produce something, and unlike mathematicians programmers have no proof of anything.

If you want to leave any messages for him, please put them between the lines below, and please leave a name or something so that he knows what you're talking about!
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Like your quotes, Thanks -- MarcGrundfest

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