George Dinwiddie

GeorgeDinwiddie, of iDIA Computing, LLC (, is a software development consultant and coach, currently working at Wells Fargo Corporate Trust in Columbia, Maryland. I'm also a sailor and the maintainer of the Alberg 30 website, (The Alberg 30 is a particular type of sailboat). I've added an instance of MoinMoin to that site. See . I've started a blog/wiki at where I can add thoughts as they come to me.

I'm interested in ExtremeProgramming. Anyone else in the Baltimore/Annapolis/Columbia Maryland area? See AgileMaryland to find the rest of us. WashingtonDcAreaXpUsersGroup is another nearby alternative.

I liked the way RobertCecilMartin inserted little bits of ExtremeProgramming into his Advanced Object Oriented Design sessions at SD2000. It's clear to me that you can start practicing some of these good techniques without selling management on the entire ExtremeProgramming concept. BTW, Robert, every session I attended at SD2000 was good, but yours was particularly excellent. Thanks!

I'm also very impressed with KentBeck's definition of SimpleDesign, presented on XpSimplicityRules


I often start out with the RecentChanges (or, now page. Maybe I should also keep an eye on the EjbRoadmap. I've used both handbuild MockObjects and EasyMock, but as time progresses, I find I use them less and less. Mostly I use mocks at the system boundaries.

I've started a page of SoftwareDevelopmentGuidelines to pull together those rules that aren't formal principles, but are good heuristics that will save your butt more often than not.

I frequently have to remember how to re-energize my UserName and the details of SimulatingQuoteBlocks. Sometimes I can't remember that is the recent wiki history. WikiWikiWebNews provides commentary on current events.

Sometimes I help with the cleanup, deleting older entries in or useless


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