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Resume (circa 1999): (See at bottom of page)

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Much of the content of this page has been copied to the Wiki at . I was going to delete the content here that I copied to there, but for historical and sentimental reasons I decided to leave this page largely intact.
Hey elf, call me a gremlin to take care of dem imps. Okie? Oui, K-No-w.

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WRONG USA!!: Jihad is 'War against the Unbeliever.' This is a Moslem misconception; actually, the unbeliever can be taught the truth best via peaceful conflict resolution. According to CNN and US Propaganda: Al Qaeda is reported as stating: War with Israel is 'jihad' Says Arab and Islamic governments complicit; Muslims must fight'' Rice offers one hand to Lebanon, meanwhile... jerking on their tapestry with the other down low: 90 rockets reported fired at northern Israel; 2 die in Israeli copter crash... CeaseFire!
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A Few Key Credits (1986): A 10K master demo. Presented at the 1996 GDC (Game Developer's Conference) in San Francisco.

The LoJack Game (1989): Steal a car and try not to get busted in real-time. Watch out for the LoJacked cars equipped with remote-operated radio-controlled RECV/XMIT modules. Database powered by Solid Software, Inc.'s Solid B+ Toolbox. See (careful, this is a real-life game :)

Monster Bash (1993):

KIOSK at Space Center Houston (1994): A limited Microsoft Space Simulator. Too bad Bill ran me off with the core ideas I had concerning Space Simulator 2.0 -- These ended up in SpaceSim++ by InDepth, Inc. (1996).

Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1 (1995): 3DS Modeling System/Driver and the sound driver. New levels of audiovisual realism reached.

Budget Tracking Stystem for Toyota (recent) - Contacted through Take Notice, Inc. and Developing Methods, Inc.

Personal Blurb (~2000?)

Hi all. I have over 20 years in the software development biz. I have handled most areas of the biz from a proprietor's point of view as well as an employee's. I enjoy both high-level design and system level or engine work and definitely have done too much PrematureOptimization. ;) Some nine years ago, my career took a nose-dive as I turned down a major player which had just (in my opinion, hostilely) taken over the company for which I worked. It hurt to see MY work snatched out from underneath me. Needless to say, I was rather disappointed. Feeling disgusted with my career, I took off on a WalkAbout. I explored a lot of the country and did much soul searching. After a while, I realized that I really did enjoy programming work and came back to it. I refocused on small non-computer-oriented companies which needed computer work, but I find that I miss the team environment. I am currently looking for a small game development company which could use my skill set.

It is one of my trademarks that I publish only perfected work. Yes, perfection is possible. Work on an idea till you are blue in the face over and over again; eventually... Eureka! It is complete. As an example, many years ago, I wrote a book / software system called The Solid B+ Toolbox At its core was a B+ tree implementation which I actually managed to prove perfect (correct) -- not by testing, but by mathematical induction. If Microsoft didn't buy it for their SQL implementation, they more than likely didn't do it right - except that they might have swiped copyrighted material that was patentable.
Btw, as an insider, I know that Microsoft intentionally broke the backwards compatibility to MS-DOS mode programs with Windows95. Thinking they would generate new software to replace the classics that would no longer work on machines that should have no problem with emulating MS-DOS 6.22. The Justice Department should storm Microsoft and turn their stolen resources into OpenSource. No if, ands, or buts about it. No more chances to play clean, Microsoft. You've been playing dirty for too long. I am sure Mr. Bill Gates can see how this once cool little monster called Microsoft evolved into MacroSloth the monopoly.

Allow me to clarify insider... Bill and I have been aware of each other by name since 1980. At that time, my column was published throughout the country in monthly microcomputer user group newsletters. For topic material, I discussed ways I had found to extend the power of the TRS-80s BASIC through machine level code. In 1994, I was lead of the Microsoft Flight Simulator team. Though this product carried the Microsoft name (ie. endorsed Microsoft), it was actually owned by Bruce Artwick (the inventor of the microcomputer version of a flight simulator) and I heartily enjoyed working for him and our team. Enter 1995, Bill decides he wants to own my original work on FlightSim? 5.1, Space Simulator II, and my future efforts. [there were some other factors in his decision to take over BAO --The Bruce Artwick Organization] Of course! btw, the press release describing the takeover said: All 30 employees of BAO have relocated and are happy with their new positions. I seriously doubt it. A) Their lead was lost. B) Several other key individuals of the team declined positions. C) Microsoft is a grindhouse (slave pen) and the relocated people are not now happy about their decision. Long before I was able to join the team and assume lead, the team was well known as absolutely industry leading. It is extremely disconcerting that Microsoft chose to destroy it.

The Justice Department has issued the statement that "Microsoft is a monopoly". By law, any newly formed monopoly is to be dissolved. "Microsoft, Inc." no longer has any license to operate. That has been canceled. "Windows 2000 Source Code" has been placed into the public domain. Get your own copy and read it.

I do not appreciate any cooperation with defunct Microsoft.

Thank you.

11/05/2008: The above was written before Microsoft won it's appeal. So far, Microsoft has somehow weathered the Monopoly storm (See It's practices have not significantly changed. (See Obviously, a boycott is in order. Vista truly does suck. Refuse to purchase any machine that supposedly won't run XP. We should have learned our lesson with Win95's intentional incompatibilities. Too late to nip in the bud, but axing the entire Longhorn/Vista/Win7 branch is certainly possible. See

-- GeraldLindsly also known as WizHard, WizHart, LostNspacey, MultiHuedDragon, 1BigFrog, EmeraldDreams, IB4U, CrushedSoul, WizHardted, BlueAngle? & C1.

In contrast to normal WikiCopyright claims, the works on this page are written under personal copyright and will be moved to ASAP. My apologies to, but this is the most convenient way for me to author/publish creative works temporarily. I just suffered a catastrophic loss to my system setup, but the writers bug won't give up. The original copies of these works exist in HyperWikiSpace? (The real exo-Wiki-verse) where the copyrights are established. ty -- GeraldLindsly

This is the most convenient way for you to author creative works? How about, say, just writing something and saving it to a text file on your own hard drive? Creation and publicity are not the same thing. -- FrancisHwang Ah! Francis has missed the crucial existential point. Pity poor Francis alone in his monoverse.

Oh, don't pity me. Enlighten me. I can take it. -- francis It doesn't work that way. Let us know when you understand.

The Wiki is rather convenient... Access the net from anywhere (family, friends, library) and I can contribute by sharing my creativity and drive. The feedback from the open nature of the Wiki is desirable. As a musician, feedback is core to harmonious improvisation. Catastrophic loss above meant "Zap!" Gone. I have to rebuild from scratch. Regardless though... Work on is under way!! -- GeraldLindsly
Favorite Movies:
Drat! Yahoo finally axed a few of my free pages. I didn't get around to updating them on their end. Lots of work under way at ...

[Axed] Gerald Wizhardted Lindsly's WWW Nexus: This page is quite old - no edits for years, sad that there are now some broken links. (currently undergoing reconstruction... To be moved to Fortunately, I have a mirror for this at at

I initiated the MB project with Apogee Software Productions (now 3DRealms) with an early and primitive prototype of the FAST system. Funny-ass first main chracter was a fat boy strolling along. Had some pretty cool throwing/launching Javelin-like physics in there.

Note: you might need a techie to help you install and run it. Unfortunately, the game dates from the MS-DOS era which means that to run it, you may need to boot in MS-DOS mode after adding DOS=HIGH,UMB to your config.sys. Although the game is ancient Chinese technology, it is a classic example of pushing the machine to its limits. In my biased opinion, it is worth the look see. Btw, I designed and coded the system software. See the credits page. The term FAST, coined by Apogee president Scott Miller as I recall, stands for Fluid Animation Software Technology. At the time when the game was first published, there was no other technology in its class. actually, there still is no other... it is probably the best EGA game ever produced.

I ran Monster Bash with no special preparation, but I've yet to complete the first level! Hmmm... WinDoze usually doesn't leave enough conventional memory for Bash... SoundBlaster support requires EMS memory too, though the game does put out primitive sounds through the built-in PC speaker. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying it.

I use an SB16 card to avoid having a separate amplifier. Don't know if that's relevant. Not really relevant (though that is convenient). It is rather cumbersome to explain how to set up EMS with EMM386.exe and the proper environment string for SoundBlaster support. Setting these up used to be commonplace - hopefully you can get some assistance from someone who has been fooling with computers for a while (8+ years). I like the music, and it definitely comes from the speakers plugged into my SB16 card. The 'blaster' environment variable is set correctly. ;) glad you like the music... To get DSP sounds also you'll need to have EMS.

Nothing wrong with EGA - I still have lots of MGA cards! Somewhat demanding, though, to insist that one's version of MSDOS supports DOS=HIGH,UMB. Does the game insist on a true EGA monitor? I just ditched my last controller which can emulate EGA transparently.

Well, it is not so portable as all that. Basically, it needs a EGA / PC clone. Todays SupraMicro hardware should have no problem running it. The problem is the broken operating system refusing to run excellent programs. The minimum requirements are listed at the bottom of Bash's home page. If you really want to enjoy the game, set up EMS memory and your sound blaster config.
Monster Bash Hacking

Re: Yes, that's about as real as it gets. By comparison with the ORiGINAL source, that is quite similar to a file included as part of the Apogee sponsored commercial efforts (MB2 and MB3). It is one of the files included as part of the FAST/Apogee protection/security scheme...

BASH1 requires NO crack. It is a free gift to you for sharing with whomever you choose. Oops. If you want to know how this game was written... Write it yourself from scratch-tic-tac-toe-Connect4-AI: A 10K demo master that I copyrighted in 1986 and presented at the 1996 San Francisco GDC (Game Developer's Conference). The game Connect4.COM was universally established as "Game of the Year, 1996". (oops, perhaps some selective recall there... ;) I have since then relinquished the copyright of to the public domain. Much later... With that AI primer, the Connect4 game was completely solved by another person.

I am sorry to admit that the structure of MB files is patented by the UN (United Nations). ;) Crackers?! Have FUN with that one! (After a long time in the desert, a drink of water and a cracker tastes like manna). szevvy knows what I'm talking about here :)

I have continued to maintain the genuine FAST sources and inspiration: artwork, music, data, codes, and system design. Dianna Gruber may verify that. She has published some of my "industry standard" technology.

At this time, I can offer you these hints: "SEA, Inc." developed the original master compression algorithm and file format (.ARC). It is called LZW compression [Limpel-Ziv-Welch: the scientists who cooperated to create/invent it]. "CompuServe, Inc." used LZW as the basis of their .GIF design. [I call LZW and ZIP "masterful" because they foregoe the "compression lookup table" required by Huffman encoding which was boss before LZW] After MB was published, the LZW algorithm was bought by "UniSys?, Inc." and patented. At this time, I am pretty sure that THAT particular patent has expired. UniSys? bought it to help protect my copyright (ha! ;). Thanks to Justice Department intervention, Phil Katz then came up with the brilliant .ZIP format to replace LZW and gave it away for free. We owe him a great debt. Unfortunately for us, he has passed on to a plane of higher existence. Thanks so much, PK!

I adapted the LZW algorithm for FAST somewhat, but a "standard" decoder for it might decompress the files to the form that they are used internally by MB. Note that, in addition, each of the file types has it own compression/interpretation scheme also (adapted to the particular type of data). MB is actually a HUGE game. Incredible that we managed to squeeze each of the chapters onto single floppies. (toot, toot!)

Regards, Gerald

PS: id Software ( gave me the BASH songs in .IMF format (IdMusicForm?). This is one particular reverse engineering job I've still yet to tackle. I wrote the driver/interpreter for .IMF files [so know how they are organized... (Strictly toward high speed)]. I am planning to convert the .IMFs to MIDI (.mid). (Someday... ;)

Hey Gerald, you mind releasing the IMFs to the public? I love the music from Monster Bash, and I'd kill to get my hands on it. Especially since it's next to impossible to get my computer to play the game with sound. -- Zero X. Diamond

I am glad you enjoyed the music; however, the music files (along with all other Monster Bash resources) are likely to remain copyrighted between 3DRealms(Apogee)/FrankMaddin?/myself/id Software and the original composers/artists & programmers (you could ask id or 3DRealms if ya really wanna know who composed the songs).

No chance of any more hints about the compression used in Monster Bash? I've been sitting here for hours changing bits in mb1_h10.txt, firing up the game, and looking to see what the change is... not even a *little* hint? :D -- szevvy

This would take too much space here on my homepage (well, actually not that much room... LZW source code currently posted to the bottom of this page). I have some C code to decompress the entries in BASH?.dat files. Perhaps post soon? It really crunches out LZW QIK (of course, FAST!) Any requests to see here? VOTES?:

you mean apart from me? :D --szevvy

Frenkel Smeijers votes. Zero X. Diamond votes, too. Szevvy would be quite happy to temp-host if it's too big...

I've spent countless sleepless hours working out the files for Monster Bash. I'm up to the stage where I can even draw levels with foreground/background-on tiles, draw most sprites correctly, extract all the music, and so on. However, I've found that there's some kind of error in my un-LWZ'ing, and the background data for level 4 in bash1 doesn't work and drops bytes. Please, put me out of my misery and put that "C/386 code to extract the BASH?.dat files" up so I can see what I'm doing wrong. I've learned all about compression, EGA planes, and much else for this... it's driving me nuts. :D -- szevvy

Wow! Surprised at the response. I am particularly encouraged by your progress, Szevvy. Way ^5 on redoing the LZW unpack!

Here's the promised deLZW algorithm as implemented by the FAST system:

 /* File: deLZW.cpp
	I know this is REAL fugly code with all the globals and no comments,
	but, for one, it is an adaption of a highly optimized piece of hand-coded
  1. assembly code {circa 1992, the machine code for ALL of this 'C' code
	is only 378 bytes (eat your heart out, GCC and Visual C++ ;) }.
	For two, you can reference a commented copy of the LZW source from . */ 

typedef int BOOL; typedef unsigned char BYTE; typedef unsigned short int WORD; typedef unsigned long DWORD;

static bool eof, rep90; static DWORD* src; // input cursor static BYTE* dst; // output cursor static BYTE* edst; // end of dst (original dst + dstSize) static DWORD buf; // input bit buffer static int size; // current number of bits per input code static DWORD mask; // current mask to AND input bits with (== size**2 - 1) static int bufSize; // number of good bits still in buf static WORD* table; static WORD* lastTableEntry; static WORD* newCode; // points into table where the next bump // in code size will occur.

BOOL initLZW() { table = new WORD[0x3D02/2]; return (int)table; }

void exitLZW() { delete table; table = 0; }

static void put(int code) { if (rep90) { rep90 = false;
	} else if (dst[-1] != 0x90)
	else if (code == 0)
	rep90 = true;
	else {
	BYTE* d = dst-2;
	BYTE rep = *d++;
	while (--code)
	dst = d;

static void putCode(int code) { if (code <= 0x100) put(code); else { WORD* entryp = (WORD*)((BYTE*)table+code); putCode(*entryp++); code = *entryp; while (code > 0x100) code = *(WORD*)((BYTE*)table+code); put(code); } }

static int reset();

static int get() { int code; if (bufSize < size) { DWORD d = *src++; code = d << bufSize | buf; buf = d >> size - bufSize; bufSize += 32 - size; } else { code = buf; buf >>= size; bufSize -= size; } if ((code &= mask) > 0x100) code = code * 4 - 0x300; else if (code == 0x100) { if (lastTableEntry != table + (0x3D00/2)) { putCode(*lastTableEntry); if (dst == edst) { eof = true; return 0; } } code = reset(); } return code; }

static int reset() { mask = 0x1FF; newCode = table + 0x500/2; buf = 0; size = 9; bufSize = 0; int code = get();
	return code;

void deLZW(void* _src, void *_dst, int dstSize) { bool preallocated = table != 0; if (!preallocated && !initLZW()) return; edst = (dst = (BYTE*)_dst) + dstSize; src = (DWORD*)_src; rep90 = true; eof = false; reset(); do { int code = get(); if (eof) break; if (lastTableEntry == table + (0x3D00/2)) {
	} else {
	if (lastTableEntry == newCode)
	 if (size == 12)
	 else {
		mask = (mask << 1) + 1;
		newCode = (WORD*)((BYTE*)table + (1 << size + 2) - 0x300);
	} while (dst != edst);
	if (!preallocated) exitLZW();

btw, LZW actually has a VERY good compression rate. Not quite the space savings of ZIP files but reasonably close for most applications. As you can see, the decompression code is quite short compared to zlib. FAST too. ;)

Make the Change ( or

If ya wanna be bad now,
Ya gonna be sad, wow,
Positive mind,
Deeds repaid in kind.

Make the Change,
Turn it up,
High we range,
Drink from the cup.

Brink of the fall,
Turn it 'round,
Give it all,
Don't go down.

It can seem
Just a sound,
"Follow your dream,
Chase it down."

Don't be blue,
You got the
Power to
Make the Change.

If ya wanna be glad then,
Ya hafta work hard, Zen,
Pretending blind,
Damage from behind.

Make the Change,
Turn it on,
High YOU range,
Never a pawn.

In your grief,
Rain patters,
You can believe:
"Nothing matters."

Soul torn apart?
Close the rift,
Open your heart,
Receive the gift.

Always be true,
You got the
Power too,
Make the Change.

Copyright (c) 1997 by GeraldLindsly

I quite like your Make The Change... do you have the music/theme/tune available somewhere? -- GavinLambert

Thank you, I am tickled. I guess it is still a work in progress. Mentally, I have the tune/melody, but I haven't written it down. The rest of the composition would fall into place if I would take the time to work it out. I really should work on it. Since the Yahoo! page for that went down I'm gonna repost it here again temporarily. THX:

Since you enjoyed that one, I'll post another:
Fire One(2) (
Upon noticing the flare,
You realize your stare
Had until now missed
When the flames first kissed.

Primal rhythms begin,
Deeper meanings swirl within,
Soothing bursts of color,
Pulsing Love-Trust-Honor.

Out from the heart
Dance forth tones apart,
Chords of fate
Slip past the gate.

Floating delicately,
Wonderous sparks,
Their gentle touches
Leave no marks.

The dying echo
Receeds into itself,
Only to explode
With resounding wealth.

Fire One, wondering "Why
Was it begun?" Spiritual cry!
Fire One, wandering by,
Wherefrom it comes, questioning eye.


The vision renews,
Granting your views,
A bright strobing light
Dazzles your sight.

Gift-wrapped boxes,
Full of paradoxes,
Reality dreams,
Nothing's what it seems.

Nothing's impossible,
Fantasy comes true,
Fire burning fire,
The Phoenix soars thru.

Flying higher,
Beyond infinity,
Denying ire,
Off to divinity.

Walking on egg shells,
Pushing on thru hells
Avoiding the coals,
You reach your goals.

Fire One, thundering sigh,
"Wuzzy won twos" Spiritually spry!
Fire One, wandering bye,
Thereto it goes, questioning "I"?

--Copyright (c) 1998,2005-06-11 by Gerald Lindsly
Why the bullet-point on every line?

I didn't know a better way to format it. Now I do thanks to you. I'll go fix'em.

Are the bullets copyrighted? No, you may freely copy those now non-existent bullets. Nice pattern. ;)
When you can't afford two employees, Fire One.

Programmable Government

To be: OpenSource - For all people, by all people (RegisteredIndividuals?). Custodian: GeraldLindsly

"What are we trying to do here?"

Currently known forms of government are hopelessly flawed. Given year 2000.2 and our current machine technology it is theoretically possible to implement a new form of government. One in which the computer will intelligently assist people to achieve goals beneficial to all.

"Who can do what?"

Anyone can do anything for which they are willing to reap the rewards or pay the price: Responsible Accountability

What I really meant by the question was that we need a centralized secure database to house this information: RegisteredIndividuals?, home pages, skill sets.

That goes double for: "Who wants to do what?" Jobs, Goals.

"Who can see something that needs to be done and does it without having to be told?"

Bonuses for autonomous achievements. Cooperation will always get you there faster than competition.

After we have established and implemented the above, "What are we trying to do here?"

Social Welfare. Basic wRights not Wongs. Better education. More freedom.

	Spock: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. 
	Kirk: Sometimes, the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. 

Mission to Mars. Mars-Base. Asteroid belt station. Jupiter, and eventually beyond Saturn (watch out for Sol's Sentinel PLZ).

"Let's get busy and just do it!"

	JustAnIdiot: Not very often, Kirk. Let Spock handle the logic. 
	Scotty: Don't ask me if you don't want to know the answer. I'm not
	Bones: Spock?! Do something! 
	  Computer: working... 

Mission Job/Task classifications (this and the following section are examples of how such a computer system might handle enquiries relating skill sets to RegisteredIndividuals?. Still sketchy... Also needs work to define the query language.

Judge: required: good understanding of the Bible (King James Version - Proverbs REQUIRED).

	Judge: acquired. Total understanding of the Bible. 

Pilot: acquired: "Lead, Blue Angle."

3 Musicians: required: 1 acquired.

	request: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Michael Angelo, Stu Hamm, John
	Bonham, Jan Hammer, Eric Johnson, Michael Angelo [Megadeth, Metallica, Creed]

Eden Job/Task classifications for Foundation: Earth

Famia: Oodled.

Teacher: "R2D2 said: what?"

	C3PO: What did you just say, Teacher? 

Judge: required: Excellent understanding of the Bible.

And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues. -- I Corinthians 12:28

Apostles: See Holy Bible.

Many Prophets: required.

Mucho teachers: required.

'Inevitably see StoneSociety.' Perhaps inevitably, but let us not trifle with Stone technology at this point.

Initially I took a very quick look at StoneSociety (on the Wiki) and saw something very different than what I see now... Not sure where that went. After scanning, it seems to me that Stones essentially represent money but with highly regulated rules about how they are spent. What I am looking for with Programmable Government is a system where positions/jobs can be matched to people/skillsets. Our current society is too limiting in this respect. Each of us has acquired diverse skillsets and is gifted with individual talents. For example, a programmer job would likely not require adroitness on the piano, but the individual fitted to the job might have this skill. I am thinking in particular of ships (this would also apply to companies) needing a broad range of skills but limited to a small set of personnel.

'On a somewhat more serious note, see ActiveInstitutions??.' Ok, been making rounds... This is most definitely not a trivially proposed project. (ProgrammableGovernment?).

Representative Democracy is undesirable because NONE of US (We, The People) care to have another individual vote for us on issues that matter - particularly not when that individual has proved themself to be an ignorant ladder climber who somehow managed to score high in a popularity contest: ("Hi! This cute sweetie wants your vote and is willing to tell you what you want to hear - integrity, intelligence and wisdom do not matter to me. What was that again? You wanted to hear me say what?")

Authoritarian Totalitarianism won't work unless the leader is ultimately respected by everyone and is a true lord.
WTC. Wonder why?:

In that day shall one take up a parable against you, and lament with a doleful lamentation, and say, We be utterly spoiled: he hath changed the portion of my people: how hath he removed it from me! turning away he hath divided our fields.

Therefore thou shalt have none that shall cast a cord by lot in the congregation of the LORD.

-- Micah 2:4,5

Nice shot. I can't picture a more risky safe stab at an evil establishment. Thank you.

Perhaps we can rebuild, but can we make it a true World Trade Center this time and not a gambling house?



SoundMax: A technology that generates a listening experience more powerful than THX. It is supported by and (The best ModulaTwo people along with StonyBrook?. Wow!) -- gl

Hey! Where'd their compiler go? I suspect that they are keeping that superior technology to themselves at this time. Wise move. -- gl

If this is the technology reviewed at, then the above description is confused. Soundmax is simply on on-mainboard audio solution, high enough quality to obviate the need (at least in many cases) to buy a sound card.

What does a Modula compiler have to do with it? And isn't Modula-2 long obsolete?

Can't stop now to explain acoustics to you at present. ModulaTwo still has its uses. Logitech was a fantastic software company long before they changed their public offerings to hardware. NiklausWirth! :: The sequence approximately goes like this: 8)SUN. Babbage & Ada: Computer? ENIAC, MACHINE, CPU (IBM:Motorola/Zenith2:Intel-Zilog-AMD:), ASM, VAX, PL/1, LISP, Fortran, Algol, Pascal, CP/M, B, BASIC, Modula, C, Ada, Modula-2, C++, Modula-3, Oberon, Java/Sun -->

The key contribution by Wirth is PROVABLE Languages. Total genius. -- gl Perhaps Java is in this realm? Probably... I could almost guarantee Sun borrowed ideas from Oberon (garbage collection for one). I am not sure how provable Java code is. Mutable types would probably cause major headaches.
Wiki Friends: DougMerritt (funny... meant to extend this list but never got around to it)
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