Gerard Buisman

I've only got my PrimeSchoolCertificate left, cause I lost my swimming diplomas. So if you don't fight me, you can't beat me.

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I'm into programming ever since I discovered QBasic.(Sept. 2000). Since November 2001, I have also been doing some VB6 programming. I do this all just for my own amusement as I'm fascinated by dynamical systems. I can study all and everything that I want to within VB6. . Because of dot-net(dot not) I'm switching to Delphi right now. (sept 2004) --- By chance I ran into Apache and PHP. As I live offline I thought I could never run and experiment with a server, but now I wrote my own Wiki as an experiment. (since june 2005, 15 july 2005). Sort of improved version by now.( It seems you can also use a wiki engine to generate a website; (e.g. )


Iím fascinated by language too, but isn't all language just another dynamical system?

You can find the VB6Backupperoverhere.

I thought it a good tool but lately I'm into Delphi, so I don't use it lately.



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Every time I edit a page here, I try to make Wiki more useful. Sometimes I add words, sometimes I edit words, sometimes I move words, and sometimes I delete words.

If you have a problem with any edit I make, please feel free to speak up about it. Please note that I'm human like everybody else, which means you'll get further with me if you are polite.

Some more later.


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today is september 6 2004 today is march 2005


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