German Xp Term For Refactoring

What about LoeseEsSoEinfachWieMoeglich? ? Refactoring = Rearrangieren (I know it's not really a german word, or is it? And Umbauen sounds to much like adding functionality) ? --PeterGassmann

Instead of Rearrangieren for refactoring I suggest: vereinfachen. (=simplify which sounds like unify). -- MarkusGaelli

For refactoring I suggest(ed): Neugestaltung oder Umgestaltung. A few months later: In DseWiki we discussed "Reformierung" and found "Neuformierung" to fit better. Then we went back to "Refaktorisieren" because the German XP community won't switch. But we keep "Neuformierung" outside of XP. See also: . -- HelmutLeitner

Surely there is a German mathematical phrase for "factor", as in "factor this algebraic expression" (I'm afraid you are going to say, "faktorieren"). Then you can put "um-" on the front (and I'm hoping you won't end up with "umfaktorieren"). --AlistairCockburn

Back in school we were said to "Vereinfache den Term", when we were asked to put subterms in front of some parentheses to avoid redundancies in our algebraic expressions. Doesn't simplifying sound positive to you and maybe your manager? And, isn't simplifying the main goal of refactoring i.e. simplify code for future readers and users ? Bringing a system to its simplest "normalform" to do the current job? --MarkusGaelli

Well, actually you end up with "umfaktorisieren". "to factor" is translated to "faktorisieren". --MichaelSchuerig

I'd suggest to use "kürzen" - so wie man es bei einem Bruch tut und wir es alle mal in der Schule gelernt haben. -- HansMichaelStahl

In the XP workshop I did with ChrisWege we used "refaktorisieren" and were quite happy with this Fremdwort. In general I don't like germifications. For me it has a Nazi smell. There is nothing wrong with English terms since the programming languages and frameworks we use are full of Englisch terms anyway. DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork means don't translate. It doesn't help you. English terms are not the problem.

Can't let that Nazi crack pass (Godwin's law again?) Are people who say Feld for array and Rechner for computer crypto-Nazis?!?

Habe grade 'Vereinheitlichen' als neuen Übersetzungsvorschlag für 'Refactoring' angebracht, das Thema lässt mich einfach nicht los... :) --MarkusGaelli

Nah, that doesn't sound right. If you would talk about it in a PhD you would probably had to call it something like 'funktionserhaltender Umbau', but luckily we are not in that situation. --MarkoSchulz

In a nutshell: Vereinheitlichen is too wischi-waschi. :) -- JuergenHermann P.S.: I want Latin-1 WikiNames!

No, I don't think 'Vereinheitlichen' is to vague. I just cannot see why this term fits the meaning. Of course a refactoring might unify something. But this isn't the essence of refactorings, or is it? 'Umbau' or 'Umgestaltung' are vague too, still they catch the spirit of the game much better. --MarkoSchulz

Anwendungsfall, Anwenderproblem, Benutzerproblem, ...

Refactoring = Restrukturierung oder Wiederaufbereitung alten codes; Martin Hartling

I like Codeneuformierung, as used on DseWiki.

Refaktorisieren -- FrankGerhardt

How about "auflösen"? (Means "dissolve", but I like the association of dissolving a knot)

Auflösen --

In English, another word for factoring is decomposition so refactoring is also redecomposition. In German decomposition is Zersetzung so refactoring would be Wiederzersetzung or Zuruckzersetzung.

Umformen -- Tobias Bergemann

Umlosen -- JonGrover
Hmmm.... What do you call eigenvectors in German? Eigenvektor. Nobody will call you a Nazi because of the 'k' ;-)

But somebody here would. Just to tick them off, I'll redo my web site in Fraktur.
auflösen | kürzen | funktionserhaltend verändern | neu formieren | neugestalten | rearrangieren | refaktorisieren | reformieren | restrukturieren | umbauen | umformen | umgestalten | vereinfachen | vereinheitlichen | wiederaufbereiten

my favorite: umarbeiten. --s.
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