Gnome Fee

The fee a WikiAuthor pays to a WikiGnome that was particularly helpful to him. It would be interesting to integrate a MicroPayment System into Wiki, so people can credit authors and editors.

Is there such a thing as WikiProgramming or WikiScripting??

WikiScore is a ComplexNumber which is imminently orthogonal to the IndividualUser?, but (not merely asymptotic, but) WikiOne? to those who are operating from within the WikiWay like a WikiGnome (this is WikiZen). There is an invisible PointWithoutPoint? in between the user and the wiki which inverts the Entropy<-->Order relationship. Careful here: this is a destabilizing concept that is at the heart of the personal "I" or ego. When one interacts with the wiki as an IndividualUser?, one is transferring energy into the machine (but reflected as information to you), when one interacts in WikiZen, one is the machine: you are reflecting back to Wiki and energy goes to you, while information to the machine.

When the user is in WikiGnome mode, these accumulated counts are Currency, when in IndividualMode? the count flow is inverted and called Reputation.

The PointWithoutPoint? is the boundary-nonboundary between energy and information, order and entropy, particle and wave. Note, these are not strictly analogies for the perspective and orientation shifts as soon as you do. See WaveParticleDuality?.

Another option: Repay the WikiGnome that helped you by helping someone else. PayItForward.

This would be a little like another WebCurrency? such as WhuffiePoints?. -- UlrikKold?

"Fee" implies an inherent debt with a strong connotation of monetary compensation. Consider another word, perhaps more akin to donation, gift, reward? --AnaxophusIII

What about a ThanksButton? type system like they have for some threads nowadays? --MarkLaBarbara

There is an occasional system here of awarding a Gold Star for gnoming activity. There is an example on my home page from some time back. I usually find that browsing around here and fixing things is its own reward as I learn new things as I am doing it. -- JohnFletcher

I would have to agree, 'doing good' is in itself the reward. MarkLaBarbara

I misread this as GnomeFree? which I realized was a misremembering of BornFree?!! -- JohnFletcher

Doing good for its own sake is great. At the same time, money empowers one to do more of this as opposed to having to other OddJobs? to help make ends meet. -- MichaelFinney

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