Godwins Law Rejected

Proposed marker for those who wish to refer to Hitler or Naziism on a Wiki page, or wish to continue with a discussion after such a reference in the face of GodwinsLaw.


Advanced questions

I would have used this marker on ReligiousWar had I invented it by then. What does this say about RichardDrake, WikiBadges, foreknowledge, freewill, refactoring and the problem of evil?

You are just following Morgan's corollary (cf. GodwinsLaw) in the WikiWay. You can't win. I also refer you to the conclusion at the end of GodwinsLaw:

Of course no reply was forthcoming. Even when the participants know GodwinsLaw, GodwinsLaw still applies.

But if GodwinsLaw cannot be rejected, doesn't this reflect more of a totalitarian-dictatorship (a la Nazi Germany) style of discussion, rather than the more democratic culture of the Wiki? Anyone who wanted to kill a thread would just have to mention the Nazis!

By George I think you're on to something

The point is that once something has been compared to Hitler/the Nazis, emotional issues override any rational ones, and the discussion is derailed. Note that GodwinsLaw does not apply when the discussion is explicitly about Hitler/the Nazis, because then nothing external is being compared to Hitler/the Nazis.

[This argument is silly. Fascists will always exist. A fascist is born every minute. The measure of a coutry's good laws and good government is how much it can protect itself from a fascist. Most countries succeed.

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