Google Juice

GoogleJuice is the ethereal substance which flows between web pages via their hyperlinks (in both directions!). Pages with lots of links to them acquire much GoogleJuice; pages which link to highly juicy pages acquire some reflected GoogleJuice. (do they? who says?) The level of GoogleJuice in a page thus reflects how well connected it is, and thus, in our world where LinksAreContent, how good it is (well, sort of).

Google uses the term PageRank in-house to mean the score that they give to each web page. When it was, Google search results included a small graphic indicating how much PageRank each page has. Now that search results no longer include PageRank (unless you have the google toolbar), people use the term GoogleJuice to mean "the mysterious quality that causes pages to come up high in a Google search."

The GoogleSearch engine was the first SearchEngine to measure the levels of GoogleJuice in each page; it sorts its results accordingly, presenting the ones with the most juice first.

The term GoogleJuice may have been first used by Don Marti in 1998 or 1999, and has become popular on the CrackMonkey? mailing list and lists with CrackMonkey? members on them.

Then I guess,1377,63755,00.html is a contest which rewards the synthesis of GoogleJuice. -- Ron

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