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The discussion on this page is somewhat outdated. See GoogleHatesWiki.

I never want Wiki to grow to a size where I have to search it using GoogleSearch <>.

But wouldn't it be great to be able to search Wiki with Google?

You can! Result June 22, 2002 :
  "Searched the web for [Wiki]   Results 1 - 10 of about 64,300. Search took 0.19 seconds
  Note there are more links than there are Pages on this wiki.
Everybody forgets about the "site:" syntax with Google:

Use the FindPage to search Wiki.

 Use anything with quotes or spaces and you will get:
    The wiki server cannot process your request.
    The following error has been detected.
    Search word must be alphabetic"
[FindPage kacks on a single space; it's okay for finding something you know is there, but not for arbitrary result sets...]

FindPage doesn't do the kind of "authority" ranking that Google does. Given the highly linked nature of Wiki, that might be interesting to see.

Perhaps FindPage could rank results by the number of BackLinks (a naive but practical heuristic to measure the significance of a wiki page).

Yeah! I made the original quote not realising what a dufus I was being. Of course it would be a great SignalToNoise guide! Now where's the wish list page again?

The WikiMirror at is crawled by Google. You can search it from (links broken 6/22/2002)

See also InterWiki for the Web of all Wikis, that might be interesting for a search-engine like Google. This way you might get the weights of the traffic arcs. An alternative for getting weighted traffic arcs could be the world wide annotation system AlexaDotCom. -- FridemarPache

I wonder whether Wiki's heavily interlinked nature might not break Google's sorting algorithm? It works by ranking highly pages with a lot of high quality links in and out. Heavily interlinked Wiki pages may well get an artificially high ranking... -- KornySietsma

What makes you think this rating would be artificially high?

Hehe but only ranked for WikiWords ;)

See also and There is also -- SunirShah
Not sure where this belongs, and I don't want to yet create a new page, but here's an interesting little toy, Googlism My Wiki:

-- StevenNewton
The primary reason why most people use Google is to "find information". The fact that the PresentationOrder? of the results may be arranged according to a ranking system is a side issue.

Interesting sidenote:

Within days of my writing the software, HtagWiki at was hit by the GoogleBot?. I can only guess google was crawling the WikiWikiWeb, as it was the only place I put a link for HtagWiki. -- SvenNeumann


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