Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Brilliant physicist, mathematician, and philosopher. Invented the integral calculus, and reinvented differential calculus independently of IsaacNewton, and created the notation for calculus still in use, which was considered by all to be vastly superior to Newton's notation. Invented the first mechanical differential calculator. Best known philosophically for his conception of "monads", a precursor to GspencerBrown's distinctions and GeorgeKelly's constructs. Ably refuted Cartesian dualism, writing "I represent that I represent, therefore I represent."

Following the controversy arising from partisan interpretations of the precedence of invention of the calculus, Leibniz contracted with PeterTheGreat? to establish a string of universities across Russia. To this day differences in mathematical practice in the east and west derive from Leibniz's efforts.

Leibniz corresponded with Newton's "representative" in the Leibniz-Clarke correspondence, with Leibniz arguing in favor of a relative universe, and Clarke arguing Newton's position in favor of an absolute background, on which Newton based his physics.

See also OnMonads

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