Graduates And Careers

Whilst we have primary concern about career prospects for IT persons, especially graduates, it is necessary to survey the BigPicture on Tech Careers for graduates, because NoCareerIsSafeFromChange, and BrainsAsaCheapCommodity.

Graduate opportunities serve as a good barometer for experienced staff.

Assertion My informal polling of young univ students and recent graduates suggest to me in most of Asian Pacific region countries (the Asian tigers) it is very difficult for graduates to find jobs in their field.

Any one have links to support or refute the above assertion? How about US and Europe? --dl June2004

Useful resources for Graduates

Business skills in demand

Your first job does not define your career..,0,3011522.column?coll=sfla-business-front

General Info on current career outlook for graduates
 *US May 2004,1413,36~33~2181603,00.html

General Info on current career outlook for experienced IT staff
 * Nov2004 Career watch info (graduates mentioned as well),4814,97626,00.html

Comparison of graduate opportunities in different Geographic regions

I would like some links on credible research done in this area. My exposure to Asia, Australia and North America suggests that current opportunities are limited.

Views that are upbeat

Views that are not positive
 *UtilityComputing reduce demand for IT professionals

Thinking material

Retraining has its limits

White collar workers unionising

Advice for future CIOs


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