Green Beret Coding

One team, fast in, kill the opposition, do the job, fast out. Job done, if job well done almost nobody noticed the presence. And everything done by a heavy teamworking, highly skilled and well trained personnel. --LasseMirkovic

... and such an elegant metaphor for a job well done. --RonJeffries

Unfortunately, there are more "regular army" than there are Green Beret. And also a lot of "untrained militia".

In and out fast is a consulting perspective...

"Do the job, fast out, and don't worry about the mess left behind, someone else will clean it up" is how I've seen this work in practice. --DaveSmith Which is exactly how the green berets work...

Hit only the intended target. Do so with a minimum of fanfare and a maximum of concentrated, focused violence. Leave no evidence other than enemy corpses. Sometimes not even that. (Well, I do leave documents behind to show the trail of my work.)

Surely this analogy is a bit tasteless in the light of what has happened (is happening) in the Gulf? --BillWeston

This analogy was put in place before The Bush League picked a useless fight in Iraq, if that's what you are referring to. Regardless, there is never a "good" time to talk about death and killing, so why should now be any different? Recognize and appreciate the irony and iconoclasm of the statement for what it is.

The above analogy seems to me sort of like the early development work of an XP/Agile project - i.e. SpikeSolutions, and getting "end-to-end" as fast as possible. That early work requires focused effort with a specific objective. The rest gets "filled in" as the project progresses. -- MikeSmith

Sound more like RangerCoding?. From what I understand, today's Green Berets tend to nurture the insurgents inside a community, support revolutionary actions, train the locals. The key is to be self-sustaining, covert, and enable others to fight for the revolution. --JosephHolsten?

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