Gregory Bateson

obviously, an example of a "great mind."

GregoryBateson was an anthropologist and philosopher who applied cybernetics to the life sciences.

In his books, he defines the basic unit of information as a DifferenceThatMakesaDifference and elaborates this idea into the growth processes of life, the mind, and the universe, seeing the world around us and in us as intertwined communication circuits (YouCannotNotCommunicate? - not by GB but related)

He claimed that progress in thinking is made by the interplay of strict and loose thinking, and that TheMapIsNotTheTerritory.

When studying the world, he always tried to understand the whole of the picture. He was looking for the ThePatternWhichConnects? in superficially diverse areas as:

It feels like one of his passions was to make the patterns behind communication processes evident and find explicit knowledge about them.

Some of his books include:

He was married with anthropologist MargaretMead?, their daughter is named Mary Catherine.

GregoryBateson died in 1980, but his spirit will live on for a long time.

-- ManuelSimoni

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The Manuscript

Gregory Bateson, Esalen, October 5, 1978

 So there it is in words
 And if you read between the lines
 You will find nothing there
 For that is the discipline I ask
 Not more, not less 

Not the world as it is Nor ought to be - Only the precision The skeleton of truth I do not dabble in emotion Hint at implications Evoke the ghosts of old forgotten creeds.

All that is for the preacher The hypnotist, therapist and missionary They will come after me And use the little that I said To bait more traps For those who cannot bear The lonely Skeleton of Truth


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