Grigori Melnik

Grigori is a Senior Product Planner at Microsoft patterns & practices (

Grigori is a former faculty member of SAIT Polytechnic, University of Calgary, and Humber College. He is a founding moderator of the CalgaryAgileMethodsUserGroup, The Canadian Agile Network (CAN) - Le RĂ©seau Agile Canadien (RAC) and is the primary contact for TheDataWorkshop.

Grigori was the Workshops Chair for XpAgileUniverseTwoThousandThree and XpAgileUniverseTwoThousandFour, the Educators' Symposium Chair for Agile 2005, the Assistant Research Chair for Agile 2006 Conference, the Research Chair for Agile 2007 Conference.

He is a Program Chair for Agile 2008 Conference -

Grigori conducted EmployeeSatisfactionStudy, a study to verify the claim that agile teams are "happier" teams.

Together with RonJeffries, Grigori co-edited the IEEE Software Special Issue on Test-Driven Development (July/Aug 2007). See the Call for Papers at IeeeSoftwareSpecialIssueOnTestDrivenDevelopment


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