Grok In Fullness

"Lets all just relax over this one for a bit until we GrokInFullness what is required." --KeithBraithwaite

It's one thing to understand causes and effects of dramatic events. It's quite another to accept them and cherish their participants. In his novel StrangerInaStrangeLand, RobertHeinlein invented the verb "to grok" to denote the latter. Unfortunately, as we are not Martians, it's not at all easy for us to GrokInFullness. But we can try. WikiMindWipeRepair may be the way wiki itself groks.

Once can accept, cherish, and even love another while still setting limits to acceptable behavior and maintaining them. Judgement, and justice (meaning "discernment of right and wrong") require such limits. A community without limits is a community without judgement or justice. I assert that such an entity is not a community at all. I wholeheartedly agree that it is very challenging to GrokInFullness. I hope that this community agrees that limit-setting is a fundamental aspect of grokking. --TomStambaugh

Tom, there's no one here that thinks that what happened was business as usual. Let's be patient and try this thing. Who knows, perhaps the result may be for the best after all. --PeterMerel

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