Gui Action Trace

Gui Action Trace (GAT) is is a GuiShorthand and is the updated version of SanguineGuiShorthand.

GuiActionTrace is one possible solution to the GuiShorthand problem.

The context and forces for this ProtoPattern are on the GuiShorthand page.

 {}OR        { steps } OR { steps }  decision block, do this or that, alternative
             (three spaces)          between steps
 [X_\]       [X] check box           [X] check, [_] uncheck, [\] toggle
 [[]]<<>>||  [[double click]]        doubled/multiple levels/actions
 >           > command line          type a command on the command line
 :           Label:                  label of a field
 = ^         =Row   ^Column          identifies a cell by row and column
 ( )         (assumed label):        when a field label is missing but assumed
 _<>_        _<variable text&gt;_       text input
 ^           [^V]                    control character
 [ ]         [ALT]                   special key
 '           'literal text'          literal text input
 [ ]         [click]                 [mouse down   mouse up]
 >           navigation &gt; from &gt; to  navigation
 "           "Computer response"     when the computer says something
 --          -- comment              comment or non-GUI action
 _[          _[X]                    close page
 *           (*) radio button        radio button selected
 <>\/        <selection>\/           dropdown, <> select 1, <<>> multiselect
 +           [+] tree                [+] open node, [-] close node
 ~           ~                       step missed or not documented
 |           |2d area                page, list, multiline textbox etc.

Examples: --------- [menu > item] select the item on the menu [menu > |title] select an item from the menu, the new page uses the item label as its title [Start >> Calculator] starting from the start button navigate to the calculator [RMB > item > operation] right click on an item and select the operation -- TO ... -- comment at the beginning describing the operation _[OK] click the OK button, it will close the window ~ ~ ~ ~ missed recording four steps in the process |[tab] select the tab ||Panel panel inside a page |||Sub-panel panel inside a panel inside a page [<item>\/] select one item from a regular dropdown |<item>\/| select one item from a dropdown that shows a scrollable list [_<item>_\/] either type some text or select an item from the dropdown (combobox) |<<items>>\/] select one or more items from the dropdown (mulitselect) [+]node1 > node2 > node3 drilldown in the tree through nodes node1, node2, node3 (Address): [_<url>_] type the url in the address bar in a browser [File &gt; |Save As...] >> project step 1: open the save as dialog, step 2: navigate to the 'project' directory -- load paper into the feed tray a step in the process that is not part of a GUI =row [^column > RMB > Start] click the right mouse button on the cell (the column in the row) select 'Start' { _[OK] } OR { _[X] } close by clicking OK button or the X in the upper right corner of the window

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