Gui Prototyping Tools

Here is an alphabetical list of tools helping with drawing screen mock-ups.

10screens Adobe FireWorks CS4 Adobe Flash Catalyst (former Thermo) Antetype - App Mockup Tools App Sketcher AutoIt Axure Balsamiq Mockups Ninjamock

Blueprint Creately DesignerVista Denim EasyPrototype? FlairBuilder? FluidIA Fluid UI - Mobile Mockups ForeUI GUI Design Studio, by Carreta Software GUI Machine, by Alee Software Handcraft HotGloo - Wireframe UX Prototyping Tool Himalia Guilder: Inkscape - General Vector Graphics Tool Insitui - Wireframe prototype software for web companies and their clients: Keynotopia JavaFx? jBart JotForm? Justinmind Prototyper JustProto? LucidChart? Lucid Spec Lumzy Moqups MockupTiger Microsoft Expression Blend Microsoft SketchFlow Mockflow Mockingbird MockupScreens Napkin Look & Feel Notism - Design Collaboration platform for creative teams. Petra, by Cleverlance Pencil Pidoco - A GUI Design Software for clickable Wireframes PowerMockup? ProtoStrap? Online form designer based on the elements of Bootstrap and KendoUI. Supports tabs, collapse, panel and multi-column. ProtoShare Web-based wireframe software. Users create, review, and refine website and web application prototypes that team members and stakeholders can then review and comment on in real-time. ProtoShare is not a Flash tool; it uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Prototyper Free QuickFocus? SnapUp? ScreenArchitect Serena Prototype Composer Simulify - convey your idea Sketch Lab softandGUI - UXToolbox Storyboard Suite Smart Draw SnapUp? UXPin Visio stencils WireframeSketcher? InPreso? Screens
Use VB for the demo. I think MS has some "crippled" versions for free. VB may suck in many ways, but for throwing a GUI up quick, it is hard to beat.

- Try to populate tables with data in VB. You just have to be a programmer to do this. My point is that you want the tool that non-programmers can use alike. - IgorJese

Microsoft needs something in-between MS-Access and VB such that one can have data-driven RAD but also more program-control over the GUI that MS-Access makes difficult.

''- Perhaps MS LightSwitch is something for you.

[I've built some large applications in Access (100+ tables, 500+ forms, 500+ reports), and hated it. I never wanted to touch it again. Over the past few days, I've been implementing a small (less than ten tables, a few forms, and one report) but crucial application in Access, and I'm reminded that Access is, in fact, a brilliant idea. I'd argue that what's needed is not something between Access and VB, but simply Access done right -- especially for large projects. Its problems suggest to me that the Access development team at MicroSoft never use it to build and support real applications. If they did, it would be much, much better than it is, and yet it wouldn't have to be dramatically different from what it is now. Of course, over the years there have been a large number of commercial 4GLs built for this purpose, but their expense, awkwardness, and significant limitations (Oracle Forms, anyone?) suggest their developers are no more inclined to eat their own dog food than Microsoft's Access developers.]

If they "fixed it", it may cut into the sales of their other tools, such as and/or SQL-Server. MS does not want to compete with them self. I once encountered a Microsoft bug report that said to reduce corruption in Access caused by too many simultaneous users, "upgrade" to MS-SQL-Server.

I've been doing simple prototyping in html before, to get a view of the application structure. How about combining this with ScalableVectorGraphics, now when mainstream FireFox supports this? Are there good tools to help with something like this? Or maybe even MozillaXul, does anyone have any experience on that? -- ClaesWallin

Kudos to the WikiGnome that sortificated the list! Thanksifications for ya' from mental Texas.

You're welcome.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I gave up on these things years ago; just for fun I peeked this page when it showed up on RecentChanges and wow, changed my life. In my very first session with ForeUI I produced a working mockup of the terribly complicated app I'm designing! -- BenTremblay

I've used Qt Designer (part of the LGPL Qt SDK) for prototyping desktop apps before. And it is free... -- DanielGoertzen?

The following is a large spreadsheet comparing all the UX / IXD tools I could find - Everything from Wireframing to Prototyping, on the Mac, PC, and Web. Created as a way to determine what programs to use depending on various project needs and thought other interaction designers would find this useful.

Take a look at the UX / IXD comparison chart, and please do let me know what you think. I would like to maintain ownership of this doc, but am open to constructive criticism, suggestions, etc).

Inspired by two articles: A Real Web Design Application by Jason Santa Maria, and Prototyping: Picking the Right Tool by Todd Zaki Warfel

- Shlomo Goltz

RealBasic works. Plus it comes with a built in scripting language. MicroSoft used RB to prototype the Mac IE5 interface. You can say whatever you want about IE and I'd probably agree with you if it's not salutary, but IE5 had a pretty nice UI.

We just launched into Open beta. Webseam provides helps web page developers with the review, feedback and approval process. Please have a look and give us any feedback


Richard Pike

I recently published a useful article on mobile login screen design : -- JimAndrews?

Can anyone also that may have used these tools in the past give them a review? That would be a great help for beginners stumbling on this page, as it is already very comprehensive. An easy 1-5 stars should suffice with reasons as to why (price, flexibility, how many OS it will work with, etc)


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