Had To Use Cobol

If you ever had to use CobolLanguage (even if only for a short time), please add yourself to the list below.

Adding one's name to the list feels like admitting to being a crossdresser or something. It's like, "I used COBOL, but I didn't inhale".

Does DiBol count? -- MichaelChean

I think it would count. -- JeffGrigg

I always thought that it was Diabolic, with silent a, ic

Regarding one of the above comments: Lots of languages are WorseThanCobol.

Care to give examples? Cobol is one of the few heavily-used languages without any kind of abstraction for function parameters. It refuses StructuredProgramming.

I don't know about 'lots', but 'some' languages are certainly WorseThanCobol. RPG (the ReportProgramGenerator) leaps immediately to mind. --

...as does DiBol. -- SusanDavis

Comparisons with AssemblyLanguage would be interesting, especially those with a good macro-assembler.

RE: "Cobol is one of the few heavily-used languages without any kind of abstraction for function parameters. It refuses StructuredProgramming."

Actually, you can do that with subprograms in COBOL-85. Calls to programs (and subprograms) accept parameter lists. But lack of user-defined types cripples the usefulness of this feature, for ModularProgramming. And the community practice of COBOL programmers will probably prevent most COBOL programmers from using the language in more modern styles, even when it is possible. I don't know if COBOL-95 fixes the problems with the lack of user-defined types. (StructuredProgramming is well supported in COBOL -- particularly well supported in COBOL-85.) -- JeffGrigg

Nobody has to use Cobol. It's a choice. I would rather bag groceries than do Cobol.


Tell this to the ERP vendors whose products are still in COBOL!

Years ago, I had a sign above my desk which read, "Will program COBOL for food", implying the depths of desperation needed to force me back to COBOL. --

I am really amazed at how dead my job is.

I have been programming for four years now, exclusively in COBOL. From what I read on the internet - I program in a dead language for a dead company that is making dead profits and giving me dead paychecks. Not to mention a nice dead benefit package.

I'll tell the truth, being dead has been pretty beneficial lately. :O)

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