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Manufacturers of the twiddler, a small one-hand combination keyboard/mouse replacement. The twiddler can be used as an auxiliary keyboard/mouse. ( I wonder if this would be a good tool for PairProgramming ). The twiddler plugs into your keyboard and serial ports, you can plug your keyboard into the twiddler's keyboard cable ( hence the whole auxiliary thing ). HandyKey suggests that it is possible to type up to 30 WPM, but I have heard rumors of MIT having some folks who can get up to 60. The twiddler has been a darling of the WearableCommunity for a few years now.

Contact information: Their phone number is now: 303-331-0800 (March 8, 2002).

Twiddler2 is now available. Many Improvements, eg. PS/2 connector, IBM trackpoint, optional PS/2 to USB, and optional PS/2 to Palm.

Looks good - but does it matter if you're left handed?

''Nope - it is programmable, and you can download a new keymap to reverse the keys if you desire'' --PeteHardie

Got my Twiddler2 Feb 26, 2001.

If you are a right-handed writer using an English keyboard you have little problems. If you use a different keyboard and/or need special characters (e.g. for programming, foreign characters, alt-bsp, ...) you will have to reprogram it. This is not easy, because documentation is currently bad. But the support is friendly.

I would share experiences, reprogramming know how and keymaps in case someone is interested. My interest grew when I suffered from CarpalTunnelSyndrome last year (this even started before I stumbled over this wiki).

-- HelmutLeitner


The company has moved to DenverColorado.

What is the best way to get up-to-speed on this Twiddler2 device? In other words, how can a person get as profficient with the Twiddler2 as with a standard keyboard style he has been using for 20 years?

Do people know of a mailing list or support news group for this Twiddler2 tool?

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