Hans Rohnert

I am the man in the middle - at least with respect to the list of authors of the POSA1 book. I left the patterns scene after barely finishing my modest contributions to POSA2. Since then, I have been working in the Siemens Communications business. Main activities: early standardization of Java on the handset (CLDC, MIDP), development of location server solutions, chairman of OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) Location Working Group, member of chief architect office for Siemens Mobile Solutions. My main work area these days is rich communication, i.e., enriching and integrating basic voice call capabilities with instant messaging, push to talk, video, etc.

In my former life, I was a theoretical computer scientist with emphasis on combinatorial algorithms. My mission is to find a link between my former and my present life.

-- Hans Rohnert mailto:hans.rohnert@siemens.com


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