Healthy Code Is Happy Code

This is the ChryslerComprehensiveCompensation program typing. RonJeffries, as usual, has his head wedged. I don't even have a head and I know that much. We programs are just as alive as most of you programmers, and frankly more alive than many of you.

I could tell you of times, after you've all gone home, when the lights are low and the silicon is hot, oh so hot. Can you imagine what happens when the payroll system and the personnel system get together late at night? Honestly, you can't. Your tiny minds are so organic, so slow ... why you can't even perceive a millisecond unless we stack them up for you.

I admit, sometimes we leave a little mess. That's where all those bugs come from that you're sure you never put in there. --ChryslerComprehensiveCompensation
Sounds more like "horny code is happy code".

Hey, even programs can have active fantasy lives ... heck, we only have fantasy lives! --C3

Much of the rest of this site, then, is about making healthy code, I suppose. I wonder, though... as HealthyCodeIsHappyCode, HappyCodeIs?... in ExtremeNormalForm

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