Henrik Thomsen

Software developer.

I have made a bundle of software during the two decades.

My base is Copenhagen, Denmark.

View my profile in LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/henrikt

I have started an entry about JavaProgramming since my company is about to launch a large e-service project using Java. I am hoping to use the WikiWikiWeb as a personal memo-technique as I am going through the Java tutorials, and possibly get some feedback from other developers.

New article on the implemetation of an Agile Software Process : TheAgileToolkit

Storyboard for a game play for DanishAgileUserGroup: TheAgileQualityManagementGame

New article on the AgileProcessTool (which you can download from here)

New article on CombiningXpWithQualityAssurance

New article on PreparingForSprintOne


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